Dinosaur Store

Museum quality fossils and minerals-Dinosaur eggs, dinosaur teeth & dinosaur claw fossils-Fossil shark teeth and fossil shark teeth necklaces-Dinosaur replicas (castings) such as Coelophysis-Amber and amber jewelry-Meteorites, tektites and meteorite jewelry-Educational products and toys, books-Dinosaur t-shirts & dinosaur shirts

*Fossils include:

Trilobite fossils, sabercat fossils, dragonfly fossils, bird fossils, fossil fish, fossil ammonites, mosasaur fossils, crinoid fossils, dinosaur teeth, dinosaur claws, fossil skin and many other fossils.

The Dinosaur Store (Museum Store) located in Cocoa Beach, Florida on the first floor.

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250 W. Cocoa Beach Causeway
Cocoa Beach, Florida 32931 

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(321) 783-7300